Tuesday, February 27, 2007

IRD Staffers defather children


I'm a Dad to four kids. Two are to a Mum who lives in Auckland and is ok about me seeing my kids and spending time with them.

The other two boys were taken away to Dannevirke by their Mum and she makes it difficult to see them even when I drive all the way from Auckland.

I was paying the 30% rate of child support, but found I couldn't afford to do that and live - let alone having a place where my kids can stay when they see their Dad.

So I did an admin review and it was reviewed by a bloke who seemed reasonable sympathetic and the result was a reduction in my child support payments.

This happened each year for 4 years and then it was reviewed by Margaret J.

I was left stunned like a possum in the headlights of a car. She changed all the numbers and instead of the original 30% has made it so I have to pay 18% for my two kids in Auckland and another 18% for the two in Dannevirke. So I have to pay 36% of my income - before tax is worked out - as child support AND pay the income tax.

I can't afford this so I wont be able to see my kids.

I want to be able to afford to see my kids. I'm pretty sure my kids want to see their Dad. I'm stuffed if I can figure a way to make it work.

I struggle every day with the thought that Margaret J must hate men so bad or that maybe she was acting on orders from IRD.

There is no-one at IRD who seems even a little bit concerned that justice may have been derailed by someone's personal agenda.

I found a group called Parents for Children and their person helped a bit, but he wasn't able to get a good answer from the site manager at Manukau as to why the review had been worked out like that.

I'm not sure what to do next. I can't pay what they ask because that just money doesn't exist.

And I keep asking: why me?
Thanks for listening, DS

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Duplicitous Dunne

Mr do as I say not as I do, Peter Dunne, is the leader of a political party that owes a debt of over 85K to the Crown for claiming election expenses that the Crown has ruled his party (United Future) was not entitled to claim.

This is the man who works tooth and nail with his IRD cronies to screw “alleged child tax” from parents who he claims owe a debt to the crown.

Come on Peter Pan, get your Party to pay up what it owes now or instruct your cronies to take it without notice from the party bank account.

Dunne's Double Standard : What do you expect from the Minister for Child Support? Your attitude reflects the arrogance of your cronies at IRD. You wanted the pension plan and the salary, you are responsible and accountable and the whole country is going to see how you encourage and support the festering sore of Child Support Secrecy.

Look into your soul Peter - You are Child Support .

Child Support Truth

P.S. If the penalty regime that Peter Pan supports for his IRD compliance for Child Support Tax was applied to the United Failure Party debt how much money would now be owed to the Crown?

Another post on that one later!

Non-custodial parents are constantly robbed and abused.

I can understand the need for governments to offer financial support to those going through difficult times, including the sick, injured, retired, temporarily unemployed and some recently separated parents with young children. But that is where my understanding ends and the support should stop.

Prior to separation, I had been staying at my home with my son full time, while his mother worked part time. Earlier I had started a Bachelor of Arts degree and aimed to complete my studies around the time that our son started school. My son’s mother had no interest in having or raising a second child; indeed my primary role in our son’s care was a decision we made when his mother suggested having an abortion. Our son is my only child, and I had designed and built a beautiful home long before I even met my x-partner, in anticipation a being a father and having a family.

In the weeks leading up to our separation, my x-partner asked me to phone WINZ to see if we could get more assistance. I did this very reluctantly, because we had plenty of money (several thousand dollars in the bank), and her under-the-table work (much to my frustration) meant we were actually doing well.

During the phone call with WINZ, I was told that we couldn’t get any more support than we were already receiving. We were getting $430 per week from WINZ to support the four of us; the mother was on maternity leave (but working part time under-the-table), I was about to return to university part time while caring for our son, her teen aged daughter and our baby boy. I then asked the WINZ case worker how much the mother would get if there was just her and the two children. I was astounded when the case worker finished her calculations and said $430. Effectively, WINZ didn’t allow one single dollar, or even one single cent for the father in our family, even though I was doing well in my studies (A+ average), primarily cared for our child, provided a home and did 95% of the house work. When I got off the phone, I told my x-partner how much she would get if I wasn’t in the picture, and you guessed it, just a couple of weeks later she made a false complaint to the police, cleaned out our bank accounts, and off she went to a women’s refuge taking our son but leaving me the bills. Regardless of my primary role in our son’s care and the mother’s admission to the police that her complaint was false, the Police escorted her and my son away and the Family Court has refused to have a custody hearing in the three years since our separation. This is not a typo; three (3) years without a custody hearing. My son has been waiting 80% of his life to be returned to his primary caregiver, or at least have his care and contact decided.

In the meantime however, I am forced to pay child support, legal fees, catch up with the bills left by the mother, and forced to live on virtually nothing. Child support meant I couldn’t possibly continue my university studies (a major blow for both my son and I). My son is in my care 6 out of 14 days, and half of all holidays (week about). During the holidays (12 weeks per year), the mother still receives the full DPB, even though our son is with me as much as her, and during this time I have to pay both child support and provide all the necessities of life for my son, including food, clothing, entertainment, educational resources, transport and medical costs. What do custodial parents do with all that DPB/child support during times of EQUAL shared parenting?

The mother is able to go shopping almost every day (her favorite pastime), bought a lap-top computer days after she left me, dresses our son exclusively in Pumpkin Patch clothing, she told me she is buying a leather lounge suite, and I heard recently that she is planning her second overseas holiday since CHOOSING to leave me and go on the DPB.

The DPB could be considered a reward for lying to the police and abducting and alienating (psychologically abusing) children.

One parent chooses to break up a family for no obvious reason (money?); statistics prove this radically affects a child’s life; is rewarded with custody, free lawyers and DPB on tap with no questions asked.

The other parent has for no obvious reason had their life completely turned upside down, their children abducted from them, having to pay off the family bills, pay legal fees, pay mortgage, rates and insurance until the home is inevitably lost, and watch helplessly as their children slowly drift away, and are often alienated from them.

The real problem is that a succession of governments have implemented and enforced a system that divides parents and conquers families (with the help of CYFS and Family Court). One parent (usually the mother) must care for the children, and therefore needs copious amounts of cash to ensure the mother…whoops, the children have a healthy lifestyle; and the other parent (usually the father) must work like a slave to pay for the lifestyle of the mother….whoops, sorry, the children.

The government/Family Court/WINZ/IRD ignores reasons for family break down, ignores complaints, ignores suggestions that certain practices may be in breach of human rights articles (both children’s and parent’s), and ignores the damage that the family destroying policies, agencies and child support system has wreaked on our nation over the past few decades.

My gut feeling is that if the “siege of Helengrad” does not come to an end by the next elections, there will be civil unrest in what used to be a happy “family oriented” nation

I want to introduce you to a poisonous, little cretin - His name is Mark Miller.

Mark Miller is an Administrative Review Officer for the Inland Revenue's Child Support.
Mark Miller lacks even a single thread of common decency and lacks even the vaguest hint of humanity.
I have met Mark Miller at the North Shore Mens Centre where he exposed his arrogance for all to hear when, because of a challenge from the audience, he angrily said "None of it matters because, when I get you into that room, you're mine and you're f***ed!".
Mark Miller was employed by the Government on a full-time salary while raising his children - that is to say he bludged the DPB while, at the same time, all of us tax payers paid for him to study Law.
Mark Miller brings all of his personal issues to the table each and every time he conducts a Gestapo Interrogation of an innocent parent.
Mark Miller is a "man" (I use the term VERY loosely) of short physical stature and, unfortunately, he has developed an enormous inferiority complex from having to look up at other men for most of his life. This obviously fuels his anger towards other men and allows him to feel justified in his arrogance and his belief that all of these men must pay.
Mark Miller conducted a Gestapo Interrogation on Z that left Z feeling like the best alternative was to end his own life. I was one of the people who helped Z get back on track rather than de-parenting 3 really lovely children. Not an experience I wish to repeat, but Mark Miller remains in the employee of the Inland Revenue as a Gestapo Officer.
Mark Miller conducted a Gestapo Interrogation on Y and magically created income that Y was then assessed on. Miller created a fictitious income that did not match reality and almost meant Y could not afford to see his 2 sons.
Mark Miller conducted a Gestapo Interrogation on X and now X cannot afford to see his only son.
As I said at the outset, Mark Miller is a poisonous, little cretin.
Mark Miller, you are responsible and will be accountable for your actions on the day you meet your God.
Until then, I pray that you will mend your ways and become a decent man worthy of inclusion in the Human race.

The Child Support Agency are a joke

From the people who unwittingly follow the unlawful orders of those on high, just as German soldiers obeyed the orders of their commanders to execute millions of innocent people because of physical or mental disability, religious belief or opposition to the NAZI menace.

My story starts nearly 14 years ago.

The Child Support Agency or IRD - however you paint it, the beast is still a behemoth with only one intent: increasing crown revenue - allege I have a "liability" to pay for my children.

They do not consider that their mum moved away and took our children with them. She then took out a protection order and a trespass notice making it impossible for me have any contact with our children. I have no idea how my kids have grown up nor what they think of their dad.

But, back to the IRD - this makes no difference to them...in typical monolithic fashion, they keep herding "liable parents" to the gas oven that is child "support" in New Zealand.

During the past decade and a half, I have tried on numerous occassions to engage the people there to sit down with me and work out how we can reach an agreement that does not send me to the poor-house or, at the least, lets me see my children in return for what I am extorted to pay. Let's face it: this is a TAX ON CHILDREN. Nothing more and nothing less.

Eventually, I arranged to meet Heather Styris at the IRD offices in Manukau, Auckland. It turns out that Heather Styris is second only to David Udy, National Manager, Child Suport Agency.

Heather Styris is head of the "Enforcement" part of child support in the IRD.

Enforcement? Just what does "enforcement" have to do with child "support"?

Quite a lot, it seems.

My alleged "liability" has become complicated with a small amount of penalties added by child "support" when I have been unable to pay the amound they have "assessed".

This means my total alleged "debt" is now well over $100,000...now, while you are all struggling for breath at the size of the number, just remember that most of this is PENALTIES levied by Heather Styris and David Udy and their accomplices in crime for non-payment of child "support" that should never have been "assessed" in the first place.

Now, I feel I am a reasonable man and I did my best to be dad to my children, but this system sucks!

So, back to the Dragon Styris.

We meet in a VERY large room. I am ushered in by the receptionist and seated at one end of a VERY long table. She asks if I would like something to drink and returns with my coffee and a plate with a biscuit! Man, I'm on a winner here.

Soon after in comes the Dragon Lady (also known as Heather Styris, Manager of Enforcement), but she is not alone - no problem.

BUT then Dragon Lady and her entourage sit down at the OTHER END OF THE TABLE. Styris is presented with some papers, asks some questions, looks once down the table, signs the papers, stands up and leaves....followed by her entourage.

Shortly after that, the receptionist comes back in and tells me I need to leave now - the meeting is over. Really??????

Over 12 years have elapsed now and the situation didn't improve, but they gave me a "case manager" at the Takapuna Office of Child Support. Now we're getting somewhere?

Then I had to stop self-employment and re-enter the waged force in order to retrain in modern practice for my industry.

When I had been at work nearly a week, the boss approached me and showed me an "order" from the IRD (from Dragon Lady's Gestapo) informaing him that he was to take "any and all monies owed" to me and pay them instead to the IRD (read the child "support" agency).

What could he do? It turns out he was breaking the law by paying them that much because it was an "unlawful" order, but for failing to act on an order from IRD the penalties are HUGE. I don't blame him - he was just doing what he understood was required by law.

However, my case "manager" (who told me on the telephone that, just because they could, they were going to do me over in court - there were a few F-words thrown in for good measure) and her "team leader" (Dean, you know who you are) and their "mis-Manager" who is one Val Raggett. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Dragon Lady herself, David Cunliffe the then Minister of Child "support" and his esteemed leader Mr Michael Cullen and, of course, the inestimable Mrs Clark.

I'm completely stuffed now. I can't work because I won't be paid. I have an alleged "debt" that is more than most people's mortgage that I don't believe is legal.

Heater Styris is not human. She obviously has no compassion, no reasonableness and no humanity. She deserves to be treated like a mongrel dog - just how she treats other people.

As a public servant, she has failed to serve her public - me and all the other parents she messes up.

She and David Udy and Val Raggett should be fired. They don't deserve to be public servants - after all they are only tax collectors - those despicable people who extorted tithes from the good people of Sherwood Forest. But, alas, where is Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men?

It's late and this will be enough for you to edit (if it is too rude or too confrontational), but, regardless of what you do or don't publish, all the best with your website. All of these mongrels deserve to be exposed for the frauds they really are: TAX COLLECTORS.

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Child Support Truth

Child Support Fails My Son

Child Support Truth,

So called **Child Support** was never any advantage to J just a huge drain on his Fathers, Fathering resources.

I got my NOTICE from so called **Child Support** when I did not even know where my Son was

His Mother had chosen that we were not to be together while she was pregnant with him and had disappeared

Then of course I discovered I had to pay for that privilege, state funded sperm theft.

I soon found out that that THEFT of my Son was supported by Law and Social Policy and in this case by the mother’s religious mates and her family. It had been planned for a very long time to gain a lifestyle and still does. The MOTHER is fully supported on the DPB while I struggle on a **Single Persons Invalids Benefit**, note one person, because of Heart and Reflux hassles in a FC Ordered **Equal** Parenting arrangement with NO help from WINZ.

After a short time recovering from the trauma of the theft and lack of integrity I discovered Craig Davis and his fellow **Shore Fathers** http://www.shorefathers.org.nz - Just in the nick of time as I was going nuts – Craig and crew have decided not to come into the political arena so we don’t hear much from them but I sure owe them heaps.

What did so called **Child Support** do for my Son?

Child Support was just another hurdle that I had to jump thru to give J his Father

With much help and encouragement I have given Javan his Dad and have **Equal** Parented him in time since 1997 with NO thanks to so called **Child Support**

As I say so called **Child Support** slowed the process down to give J his Father and was never any advantage to him. Just a huge drain on his Fathers, Fathering resources and thus also his loss.

Go www.HandsOnEqualParent.org.nz for more detail and in particular read my profile

Onward – Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior

Founder - www.HandsOnEqualParent.org.nz

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